Moyes Lures Green Abalone Large Tang 9" 3oz Skirted Black-Green-Silver

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: BOM Color Black/Silver with Green Bars over Black**

The Moyes Lures Large Tang is the 9" version of the Tang. It's a double tapered flat nosed head perfect for Mahi/Dorado, Ono/Wahoo, Ahi/Tuna, and Billfish. As far as performance goes, you can expect the same trademark Moyes Lures performance with his smaller lures - these things straight up smash fish. Will fill the boat better than most lures of its size and compete with the best of them. 

BOM Skirt Size 302

Head Weight 2oz

Skirted Weight 3oz

This head has gorgeous green abalone shell covering the insert with a clear resin pour and a set of Andy's standard eyes.