Moyes Lures Chartreuse MOP Black Back XL J-Boy Teaser 12.4oz

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The Moyes Lures XL J-Boy is a massive and bulky plunger shaped Teaser head - the King of his popular J-Boy trolling lure series of baits. It's been quite some time since these have been in production. Could be rigged but is best trolled as a teaser due to its weight and size. Keel weighted for perfect balancing to keep the lure from rolling.

BOM Skirt Size 802

Head Weight: 12.4oz

Head Length: 3.25"

This particular head has gorgeous classic white Mother of Pearl along the sides of the insert with a rainbow-iridescent wrapped bottom of the insert and a black back with a chartreuse/lime green belly and a set of Andy's standard eyes.