Merlin-Aloha Lures Rainbow Blue Back Rattle Macho Tube 12" 4.5oz Pre-Owned

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*This lure is in mint new condition with maybe a surface mark and a little wear on the eyes due to its age - This is a very rare 1 of 1 lure in pristine condition. No cracks or chips.**

Merlin Bluewater Lures were the original name of Aloha Lures, handmade by master craftsman Captain Erik "Merlin" Rusnak. Many of the shapes of Merlin Bluewater Lures are still the same shapes you see under the Aloha Lures name, but of course many are also out of production.

This lure you see here is an old school custom 12" version of his 9" Kona tube called the Macho Tube. This is a rare custom pour (confirmed shape via Erik Rusnak himself). It is a flat nosed tube shaped bait with 12" sized skirt saddles and a rattle inside the lure head. Has a rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap covering the insert with a blue rainbow-iridescent sticker along the back and red eyes. Very old school bait in mint new condition. Very rare find.

Skirted in blue vinyl over pink and purple Tuff Tails.