Marlin Magic White Awabi Shell 4-Hole Kona Digga 7" 3.6oz New Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in brand new condition - No chips, cracks, or surface marks on the lure face.**

The Marlin Magic Kona Digga is a 7" skirt saddle sized scoop face bait with 4-hole jets and a slight forward taper. Excellent for a variety of pelagic species, particularly meatfish such as Mahi, Wahoo, & Tuna as well as a variety of Billfish species.

BOM Skirt Size 5=302

Head Weight 2.5oz

Skirted Weight Approx. 3.6oz 

This particular head has Marlin Magic's popular white Awabi shell covering the insert with a clear resin pour. Skirted in black over yellow.