Marlin Magic White Awabi Blue Back 4-Hole Baby Blue Jet 9" 7oz Used Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in excellent used condition - There are no chips or cracks in the lure but has a few small bill marks across the lure face. Excellent condition. See photos for further details.**

The Marlin Magic Baby Blue is a 4-hole bullet with 9" sized skirt saddles and is single tapered with the taper starting at about the middle of the head with a deep taper right at the bullet nose. Very heavy with lead weight and will throw a ton of smoke in the water with the jets. Excellent Ahi/Tuna and Marlin lure in particular. Best used in the riggers or stinger positions. 

This particular head has gorgeous white Awabi shell over a rainbow-iridescent silver wrap covering the insert with a transparent blue back and a set of red eyes. Skirted in blue/silver glitter over red glitter/black - Skirts are a bit old but full and do not need to be replaced.