Marlin Magic White Abalone Black Back Taxi Eyes XL Hibby 16" 16oz ALV Vinyl Wahoo

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Please check the box above if you would like to add wings to the lure skirting.
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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

The Marlin Magic XL Hibby is a brand new 16" sized version of the Hibby series, and we fully expect this beast to take off. 

The original Hibby was first introduced in 2021, but there is a lot of history behind it. It is the original Captain's Choice head first made back in 2007 and is named after famous Kona fisherman Kevin Hibbard, who assisted with the original design of the lure. Not shocking in the least, this is one of Kevin's absolute favorite lures, particularly after catching a 911# Kona Blue and won some killer prize money at the Big Island Marlin Tournament. While this lure was no longer in production, Kevin smashed his lucky original to pieces which inspired this shape to come back from the dead. It now has a public release and resulted in properly naming the lure after Kevin himself. 

This lure is a 16" sized Pear shaped lure head with wide hips and heavy reverse taper right at the skirt saddles and a steady forward taper. It is a shorter nose than the Captain's Choice shape but with a similar forward taper and can almost be considered a chopped off version of the Captain's Choice with some slight subtle differences. It is particularly recommended at one of the Corner positions.

Here is Kevin Hibbard himself showing off the damage done to the original prototype after catching a nice 550 and 400 in a 2 day span. Check out the full post from our Instagram channel for more video of the bite. 



Head Weight Approx. 13.5oz
Head Length 3.25"
BOM Skirt Size 802

Insert: White Abalone Shell
Back Color: Black
Belly Color: Clear
Eye Pattern: Taxidermy Eyes
Skirt Pattern: Wahoo A La Vive Vinyl over Pink Salmon & Blue Newells