Marlin Magic Turquoise Ripple Shell Super Dog 16" 13oz PRE-OWNED

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**This lure is more recently made and in excellent like new condition - No cracks or chips and barely a scratch on it.**

Marlin Magic Lures were founded by Capt. Marlin Parker from Kona, Hawaii with the help of master craftsman Gary Eoff. They have built a fantastic reputation for catching not just large quantities of fish but also trophy sized tournament winning fish, which led to developing one of the most prominent brands on the hand-made trolling lure market. One of the pioneers of hand-made lure making.

The Super Dog is a Grander sized Marlin killer. Plunger style head that makes deep runs and then smashes the surface with massive aggression. Has deep taper towards the slanted nose that slims down from its massive wide girth. Comes with 16" sized skirt saddles. Best run in the short rigger or short corner positions. Excellent rough water bait.

This particular head has gorgeous white ripple shell Mother of Pearl over the insert with a rainbow-iridescent wrapped top and bottom inside a turquoise resin pour. Skirted in turquoise vinyl over green and yellow Mold Craft Tuff Tails - The vinyl shows the stitching along the back (see photos) - This is how the lure arrived; otherwise the vinyl skirting is in mint condition.