Marlin Magic Paua Shell Green Back Taxi Eyes Papa George 12" 7.5oz

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The brand new Papa George is a replica of a legendary lure created by Marlin Parker's father, legendary Kona Captain George Parker. The lure itself is a large Tube shaped lure with a flat back and 12" sized skirt saddles with a long nose at approximately 3.2" in length. 

The original "Papa George" was first constructed out of a chrome towel rack and was THE original tube shaped lure. The legendary World Record fish behind this story was a 1,002# Pacific Blue Marlin, the first IGFA recognized Grander Pacific Blue Marlin. George also helped derive the "Blue Marlin" species name from the hype around this fish - There was not a specified "Blue Marlin" identified species prior to this occurrence. Unsurprisingly, Marlin Parker's birth name of "Marlin" also was inspired by this iconic catch. 

George experimented and made many variations of the tube and other lure shapes as one of the original Pioneers behind handmade trolling lure fishing. In fact, Marlin as a young boy hung around George's workshop and absorbed the art of lure making that was being invented right in front of him. Of course this led to Marlin inevitably making lures of his own and fishing at an early age. While his father George experimented with towel racks, PVC pipe with a hole drilled down the middle of it, and beer can teasers (Bud Light being his can of choice), Marlin dug into resin-based lure making and the start of what is now one of the most prominent lure brands in the industry with Marlin Magic Lures.

BOM Skirt Size 602

Head Length: 3.2"

Head Weight: 7.5oz

This particular head has gorgeous iridescent Paua shell along the sides over the insert with a rainbow-iridescent wrapped top and bottom of the insert and a green back and clear belly with a set of taxidermy eyes.