Marlin Magic Lures Vintage Mirrored Blue Back Bog Eye 14" 9oz PRE-OWNED

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**This is an old mirrored Marlin Magic Lure - The mirror on one side is rusted over as can be seen in the photos. Other than that, the lure is in near mint condition. Looks like it barely touched water. No clue on exact age of lure, but you can tell it is old based off the condition of the mirrors**

The Marlin Magic Bog Eye is a massive bulb shaped Marlin plunger with 14" sized skirt saddles. Has extremely deep front and rear taper that creates a very intense but tight side to side wiggle as it swims. An extremely popular lure head with a very original shape - Highly coveted by Marlin fishermen around the world because of how effective these lures are. 

This particular head has mirrored slabs along the sides of the insert and a blue back. Skirted in blue vinyl over pink and white Mold Craft Tuff Tails.