Marlin Magic Lures Turquoise Awabi Shell Medium Plunger 9" 6oz Pre-Owned

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**In like new condition - Likely never hit water**

The Marlin Magic Medium Plunger is the 9" skirt saddle sized version of his single tapered traditional Plunger shaped family. Has a slight taper towards about the middle of the head before it cuts at a steeper angle towards the slanted nose. Fairly slender but long head similar to other traditional plungers. Great in any sea condition. Perfect for larger Mahi Mahi as well as Billfish including various species of Marlin. Will catch just about any pelagic species.

This particular head has gorgeous classic iridescent white Awabi shell covering the sides of the insert with a rainbow-iridescent top and bottom of the insert inside a turquoise resin pour. Skirted in turquoise vinyl over green and yellow Mold Craft Tuff Tails - The vinyl shows the stitching along the back (see photos) - This is how the lure arrived; otherwise the vinyl skirting is in mint condition.