Marlin Magic Lures Squid Magenta Mirrored NEW DESIGN Large Tube 12" 8oz Skirted

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**This is a brand new version of the Large Tube shape - It is a little wider and approximately a quarter inch shorter. These have not been made before and were inspired by a design requested by Capt. Jay Watson of the Widespread.**

**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: TANTRUM Skirt Color #24 over #16**

The Marlin Magic Large Tube is an excellent surface swimmer with a traditional tube shaped head. Comes with a set of 12" skirt saddles. Excellent lure for Marlin especially and responsible for at least 1 Grander. Best from the short rigger or flat.

BOM Skirt Size 502 or TANTRUM Skirt Size 9.5"

Head Weight Approx. 5.5oz

Head Length Approx. 3"

This particular head comes in a brand new Magenta color scheme that was designed to mimic a Squid pattern - The color was originally conceptualized based off a lure that caught the winning fish at the Big Rock tournament in 2021 by Capt. Jay Watson on the Widespread, taking home $1.6mil+ in earnings. It has a mirrored wrap along the sides of the insert and a rainbow-iridescent wrap along the top and bottom of the the insert with no eyes inside a Magenta colored resin pour. This is a brand new color pattern for Marlin Magic.