Marlin Magic Lures Lumo Starburst Infant Blue Jet 7" 5oz Skirted #2

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The Marlin Magic Infant Blue is a 4-hole jetted bullet with 7" sized skirt saddles and is single tapered with the taper starting at about the middle of the head with a deep taper right at the bullet nose. Very heavy with lead weight and will throw a ton of smoke in the water with the jets. Excellent Ahi/Tuna and Marlin lure in particular but will catch a variety of pelagic species. Best used in the riggers or stinger positions. 

This particular head has a rainbow-iridescent "Starburst" patterned wrap covering the insert with red eyes. Resin color is lumo green with silver glitter scattered throughout. Skirted in blue with black spots along the back/lumo green/lumo green with blue dots along the bottom and blue flake over silver glitter (BOM Color #25).