Marlin Magic Lures Abalone Green Back Mahi Special 5.5" 2.3oz Skirted

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The Marlin Magic Mahi Special is of course excellent on Mahi Mahi/Dorado. This small 5.5" skirt saddle sized small plunger/slanted nose bait will also catch many other pelagic species like ahi/tuna and other species of tuna, wahoo, and billfish under any sea condition. Has a single tapered slanted nose that begins to taper heavily about the midway point of the lure head. Will perform great in just about any trolling position.

BOM Skirt Size 202

This particular head has gorgeous classic abalone shell along the sides of the insert with a reflective and flashy rainbow-iridescent wrap along the bottom with a green back. Skirted in Mahi colors in sumo with blue dots and a glow lateral line (BOM Color M5) over transparent blue (BOM Color #18).