Marlin Magic 2004 Bisbees White Awabi Blue Back XXL Ruckus Teaser 18" 22oz Vinyl

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: Blue Naugahyde Vinyl over Pink Tuff Tails - Exact skirt pattern to the one that caught the Bisbees winner.**

The Marlin Magic Ruckus is perhaps their most famous Marlin lure. This is the XXL 18" size. Has 18" sized skirt saddles with a fairly steady taper towards the slanted nose. The reputation of the lure can be derived from its name alone - it creates a "ruckus" in the water that stir up fish like crazy while staying mostly at the surface. It has an aggressive surface action, providing a ton of smoke trailing the lure. While you can get this lure to run in rougher waters, we do not necessarily recommend this lure for the roughest of sea conditions but more in calm to moderately rough conditions.

Captain Marlin Parker himself has won more tournaments on this lure than any other lure in his arsenal including the 2002 World Cup and the 2004 Bisbees. Can be ran in any trolling position with success, but we personally run the 18" size on the short corner position (Large Size Long Corner, 12" Size Short Rigger). Ranked by Marlin Magazine in 2016 as the #7 offshore lure of all time.

BOM Skirt Size 802 or Vinyl

Head Weight: 17oz

Head Length: Approx. 4" 

Head Width: Approx. 2.5"

Here is a photo of the 1035# Blue caught on a Blue Lava Ruckus on August 18, 2019 by Capt. Marlin Parker & deckhand Ryan Thurner to take home the largest fish prize at the Big Island Marlin Tournament. 

Here is the link to our Ruckus review with Capt. Chris Donato:

This particular head is an exact replica of the lure that contributed to the 2004 Bisbees Black & Blue winning boat with a 448# fish on the Reel Pain with Capt. Marlin Parker & Crew, bringing in just over $1.1 mil in earnings - The head has Marlin Magic's popular iridescent white Awabi Pearl shell covering the sides of the insert with a rainbow-iridescent wrapped top and bottom of the insert with a blue back and a set of red eyes.