Koya Lures White MOP Purple Back Red Eye 4-Hole Bullet 6" 3oz

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The Koya Lures 6" Jet is a brand new bullet to 2023 with 4-hole jets. These are made out of a new polyurethane resin and are therefore fairly indestructible. This is the 2nd small jet Koya now makes (the 5" jet being the smallest). Eric Koyanagi, lure maker of Koya lures, continues to produce some of the best jets and bullets on the market. You will be stoked to add these to your arsenal for a variety of pelagic species including tuna, mahi, wahoo, and smaller billfish.

BOM Skirt Size 302
Head Weight: 2.2oz

Insert: White Mother of Pearl over Rainbow
Back Color: Purple
Belly Color: Clear
Eye Pattern: Red Eyes