Koya Lures Silver Rainbow Blue Glitter Pearl Blue Back Hard Head 12" 8oz Skirted

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: BOM Color #RP01 over #M2**

The Koya Lures 12" Hard Head is a large flat nose pusher with a tube shaped head but has a slight taper towards the nose. Dives deep and stays down, even in rough waters. Excellent bait for Marlin especially. These are amazingly well built Pushers, which can be expected coming from Eric.

BOM Skirt Size 502

Head Weight 5.2oz

Skirted Weight Approx. 8oz 

Here is Capt. Chris Donato on his personal review of the Hard Head:

This particular head a silver rainbow-iridescent patterned wrap along the sides of the blue glittered pearl insert with a transparent blue back and a set of red eyes.