Koya Lures Salt & Pepper MOP Purple Back Straight Runner 12" 6oz

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The Koya Lures Straight Runner is a 12" skirt saddle sized straight runner. Has a very slight but minimal taper from the top at the saddle all the way to the nose - nearly straight - bottom of the head has a little bit heavier taper, but it is still slight as well. Swims like the name states - more of a straight swimmer than your standard plunger. Excellent size on this head that is perfect for Marlin and Ahi/Tuna especially. 

These Salt & Pepper heads are absolutely amazing. Eric cuts each piece of shell himself and scatters them throughout the head in a way that is outdone by no lure maker on the planet. The time and effort put into each one of these in all honesty is worth more than what I'm charging you. Eric doesn't make this style of insert very often because of the extreme amount of time and dedication it takes to make them. That being said, this is a rare opportunity for me to be able to offer them to you at this time.

This particular head has scattered cut pieces of real Mother of Pearl shell all over the head with a purple back. Gorgeous lure.