Koya Lures Mahi Mahi MOP Blue Back Medium Tube 12" 6oz Vinyl Skirted

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The Koya Lures Medium Tube is exactly as the name states except that it carries the punch of what you would expect from a Koya Lure. Top of the line tube bait with a very slight taper towards the nose - almost completely flat-backed with a slanted nose. These heads stick pretty close to the top of the water and swim erratic to imitate a baitfish feeding at the surface. Creates a lot of commotion that lure fish up to bite. Great on Billfish and Ahi/Tuna especially. This is the 12" sized skirt saddle version of his very popular Tube head. One Grander Blue Marlin has even been caught on this lure, so it has the reputation of catching very large fish.

This particular head has amazing "Mahi Mahi" themed mother of pearl with a yellow base and dark blue dots. Triple poured from a clear base to yellow stripe below a dark blue back. Bottom is a rainbow-iridescent wrap. Skirted in blue vinyl with a yellow and green stranded underskirt.