Koya Lures Ice Rainbow Cracked Glass Bullet 9"+ 7.5oz Flashabou #1

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The Koya Lures 9" Plus Bullet is an absolute killer bullet on Ahi/Tuna and Marlin in particular. This is the non-jetted version. Much larger than your standard 9" bullet - has 9"+ skirt saddle size - wider, longer, and heavier. Runs straight and true. Good weight on this head to keep the lure down in the water. Absolutely amazing bullet produced by one of the top lure makers in the world.

This particular head has a bright, colorful, and flashy rainbow-iridescent wrap covering the lead insert with bright blues, pinks, and purples with real cracked glass pieces scattered across the insert. Skirted in flashabou in Pink/Orange/White Pearl over Ice Blue by our flashabou specialist Hannah Drake out of Kona, Hawaii.