Koya Lures Gold Mirrored Clean Sweep Bullet 9" 9.5oz Skirted

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The Koya Lures "Clean Sweep" Bullet is a smaller 9" version of the 9" Plus Bullet. This version has a little bit wider hip than the regular clean sweep. This particular lure got its name because of the variety of fish it produces, which is just about anything. Whether you are fishing for Mahi Mahi/Dorado, Ono/Wahoo, Ahi Tuna, or Billfish, this lure will catch them all. It is sort of a kept secret over in Hawaii, and so it is very exciting to be offering these to you. The "Clean Sweep" is one of the best 9" bullets money can buy.

This particular head has a segmented mirrored insert in a "disco ball" style with gold mirrors. First time this design has ever been offered by Eric. Skirted in black/gold glitter with a yellow lateral line over black with gold glitter.