Koya Lures Custom Daisy Chain 4.5" Bullets & Clean Sweep

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This is a custom Daisy Chain that we built using various Koya Lures bullets.

The rigged bait is a Koya Lures Pink MOP Clean Sweep Bullet with our single Fudo Kona Cut 10/0 stiff rig, utilizing our magic heat shrink and 25 feet of Momoi 300 X-Hard leader.

The 4 Small bullets are all Koya Lures 4.5" "Koya Bullets" (reverse tapered) with Yamashita skirts and a set of Pink Rainbow Scale wings. 

We connected the Clean Sweep with the 4.5" Bullets using a Wind-On Swivel - This will allow you to connect whatever trailing rigged bait you'd like if you prefer to swap them out at any point without having to re-do the whole daisy chain and will also allow the rig to swivel naturally with the movement of the baits.