Koya Lures Charcoal Pearl Rainbow Scale Hard Head Offset Tube 12" 4.5oz

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The Koya Lures 12" Hard Head Offset Tube is a large flat nose pusher with a tube shaped head but has a slight taper towards the nose with an offset tube similar to the famous Bob Schneider Yap. The Offset Tube version is how it sounds - Tubing set towards the top of the lure head instead of down the middle, which gives the lure a bit more lift. Dives deep and stays down, even in rough waters. Use a single hook rig with a lock to balance the lure well. Perfect for Marlin especially but will also catch Ahi/Tuna and Ono/Wahoo. These are amazingly well built Pushers, which can be expected coming from Eric. 

This particular head has a charcoal pearl insert inside a clear resin pour with a bright and colorful rainbow-iridescent scaled wrap covering the sides of the insert.