Koya Lures Blue Rainbow Blue Glitter Pearl XL 861 16" 14oz Vinyl Skirted DEFECT

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***There is a slight defect at the nose of the lure with a very slight chip at the nose of the bait - It is very subtle and should have no effect on the lure performance. Otherwise in brand new condition - The slight damage was from storage. See photos for details.**

**Lure comes skirted as photographed.

Skirt colors in photo: Cascade Naugahyde Vinyl over Chartreuse & Pink Tuff Tails**

The Koya Lures XL 861 is the 16" skirt saddle sized version of his very popular 861 trolling lure series. One of Eric's most popular head shapes, this is double tapered plunger with the "hump" at the back third of the head towards the skirt saddles. Has more of a direct cut towards the nose instead of a steady increasing taper. Head shape allows for a deeper dive with fewer pops, but the splashes this lure creates are large and enticing. Thanks to the heavy taper on this lure head, it is an excellent lure for rougher waters as well. Many Granders have been caught on Eric's lures, and the 861 will give you that shot you've been dreaming about. Killer Marlin head.

Here is Capt. Chris Donato on the 861: 

"This lure is an aggressive swimmer that slightly resembles the splash and explosion of a poi dog however the heavy taper creates a very distinctive wiggle which can be seen in its fish tail bubble trail. The tight side to side action no doubt creates some vibration for a fish to investigate. Good lure to combo with a tube style or mole hill style lure. Also the XL model is a great foul weather lure and can replace your short corner in the chop. The XL I like short or long corner and I like getting a lot of angle on the lure but bringing it down a bit in the angle when a fish comes up on it to get it into a more wiggle and tease motion. This lure will pop, plunge, wiggle and repeat. If run and rigged properly, it will have a very consistent action."

BOM Skirt Size 802

This particular head has a blue resin pour with an extremely bright and colorful rainbow-iridescent wrap along the sides of the blue glittered pearl insert with a set of red eyes. These glittered pearl inserts are a new style from Koya Lures.