Koya Lures Black Death Black Pearl 614 9" 6oz Skirted

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**Lure comes skirted as photographed. 

Skirt colors in photo: BOM Color "Black Death" #M18R over #22**

The Koya Lures 9" 614 is a perfect sized plunger shaped lure for just about any location and one of Eric's most popular head shapes. The 614 has many tournament wins to its name. Taper on the head is a lot more subtle - very slight taper closer towards the nose. The 9" 614 has a 9" skirt saddle size - a little bit smaller than the Small 614 (not as long of a head). Perfect with Blue Ocean 502 skirts or vinyl. This is a top of the line tournament grade plunger - Very few lures produce as many Marlin out there than this one. Good for a variety of pelagics as well.

BOM Skirt Size 502 

Head Weight: 3.5oz

Head Length: Approx. 2.2"

This particular head has a black pearl insert with a set of red eyes inside a clear resin pour.