Koya Lures Paua Shell White Beauty Straight Runner 12" 8oz Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in excellent condition - Only some very subtle bill marks along the lure head that can hardly be seen and no chips or cracks. Vinyl work is a bit older but does not need to be replaced.**

**Lure comes skirted as photographed. 

Skirt colors in photo: Cascade/Turquoise Naugahyde Vinyl over Purple & Blue Tuff Tails**

The Koya Lures Straight Runner is a 12" skirt saddle sized straight runner. Has a very slight but minimal taper from the top at the saddle all the way to the nose - nearly straight - bottom of the head has a little bit heavier taper, but it is still slight as well. Swims like the name states - more of a straight swimmer than your standard plunger. Excellent size on this head that is perfect for Marlin especially.

BOM Skirt Size 602

This particular head has two slabs of classic Paua shell along the sides of the white pearl insert in a "White Beauty" color pattern with a set of red eyes.