Kona Custom Lures Glittered Paua Shell-Rainbow Mirror Bullet 9" Plus 8.5oz

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Kerwin's 9" Plus Bullet is a predominantly forward tapered bullet with some minimal reverse taper with 9" sized skirt saddles but with a "plus" sized head - Larger head than his standard 9" size. These bullets are extremely heavy for its size at over 8oz in head weight.

Head Length 2.75"

Head Width Approx. 1.25"

BOM Skirt Size 402

Head Weight Approx. 8.5oz

Skirting Options: Flashabou or Blue Ocean Rubber Skirts (Select Below)

This particular head is covered in a mirrored rainbow-iridescent wrap with iridescent Paua Shell strips placed over the wrap with a glittered resin pour - This is a unique style that Kerwin is known for with his striped inserts (very distinct look compared to other lure makers).