Kerwin Masunaga Mirror Blue Back Medium Plunger 12" 6oz Pre-Owned Cracked

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**These Masunagas are from Kerwin Masunaga's personal collection that he kept for himself to fish with - They are very rare to say the least. Lures are in used to mint condition. Any bill marks or use was from Kerwin's personal use and not the use of any other fisherman.**

**This lure is was accidentally damaged and is cracked around the lure face but has not chipped. Is in perfect running condition but is valued down significantly because of the extent of the crack. There are very little markings otherwise and has barely hit water.**

This Masunaga Medium Plunger is a medium to large sized plunger shaped head with a mostly flat back half of the head with a cut/front reverse taper about 2/3 towards the nose. This is the slanted nose version (also comes with other variations). Has 12" sized skirt saddles with a head length of 3.25" and diameter around 1.75".

This particular head has mirrored slabs along the sides of the insert with a blue pearl back and a set of rainbow, red, and black eyes.