Kahalau Lures Rainbow Dragon Skin Purple Back Slanted Invert 9" 9oz Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in near new condition - No chips or cracks or surface scratches on the lure head. Has a little residue from being in storage. Perfect running condition**

This lure by Kahalau Lures is a very unique shape. It has a long door-knob shaped head with mostly reverse taper and a cupped slanted nose - Most cupped nose/inverts are flat along the edges, but this one has a slant to the nose. Also has a very long head length for its size at almost 3.25". We do not know much about Kahalau Lures except they are made in Hawaii. Despite its long head length, it has small 9" 352 BOM size skirt saddles.

This particular head has a gorgeous iridescent pink/blue/purple "dragon skin" wrap covering the insert with a set of black and red eyes and a purple back. Skirted in purple/silver over bright pink with blue glitter.