John Lau Pink Pearl Googly Eyes Good Head 16" 15oz PRE-OWNED

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**Very lightly used - Nearly flawless - the marks that exists on this lure are mostly due to being in storage. Near new condition with no cracks or chips.**

John Lau lives in Papa New Guinea and has been making lures for years. His lures are very hard to come by to say the least. His shapes are all original, and his designs are unlike any other you've ever seen.

The Good Head is a very large reverse tapered plunger with 16" sized skirt saddles and a fairly wide hip about 1/3 of the way towards the nose. Near teaser sized but can be rigged or used as a teaser. This lure caught the largest Marlin in the 2006 HIBT by Capt. Jeff Fay on the Humdinger and angler Philip Chan.

This particular head is something to behold. Has a pink pearl insert (almost in a strawberry color with a green iridescent hue) with a bright green core and bright pink on each side of the green that can all be seen on the top and bottom of the lure face with a set of googly eyes/teddy bear eyes. Gorgeous lure and truly a sight to behold. Lau puts some amazing colors into his lures, and this is most definitely one of his best works of art.