John Lau Blue Glitter-Red-White Pearl Marlin Eyes Santiago 14" 10oz PRE-OWNED

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**This lure is in like used but excellent condition - Has a few bill marks but no chips and cracks. Excellent collector's item.**

John Lau lives in Papa New Guinea and has been making lures for years. His lures are very hard to come by to say the least. His shapes are all original, and his designs are unlike any other you've ever seen.

His Santiago is a plunger head with a more traditional plunger look with steep front taper but very slight and steady rear taper with 12" skirt saddles. Excellent Marlin lure, and they are extremely difficult to find as are all John Lau Lures.

This particular head has gorgeous blue glittered pearl along the sides with a red and white center f the pearl insert with a metallic cut Marlin on each side of the lure head. Awesome rare collector's item.