Joe Yee White MOP Stubby Bullet 9" 3.5oz

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**This lure is brand new handmade in Joe Yee's shop and came directly from him. All of our Joe Yees are 100% authentic, and most can be shown with a photo of Joe Yee himself. We get all of our new inventory directly from Joe Yee and not from other individuals - All inventory that did not come from Joe Yee himself will be otherwise noted with "Pre-Owned" in each lure Title.**

Joe Yee's 9" Stubby Bullet has a heavy lead insert for an overall weight just at 3.2oz with a 2" head length from the tip of the nose to the 9" sized skirt saddles. The lure shape has a single taper towards the pointed nose with fairly wide hips near the bottom of the lure face (hence the "Stubby" name).

This particular head has a clear resin pour with classic white Mother of Pearl covering the lead insert. Very difficult to find at this time.