Joe Yee White MOP Red Teddy Bear Eyes "Old" Cut Face Streamline 9" 1.8oz

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**This lure is brand new handmade in Joe Yee's shop and came directly from him. All of our Joe Yees are 100% authentic, and most can be shown with a photo of Joe Yee himself. We get all of our new inventory directly from Joe Yee and not from other individuals - All inventory that did not come from Joe Yee himself will be otherwise noted with "Pre-Owned" in each lure Title.**

Joe Yee's Streamline comes in both a cut face and scoop style, both with and without jets. It also has a handful of different shapes and styles.

This particular version is known as the "Old Cut Face Streamline" in the Joe Yee book. The "Old" version has more slender hips than the "New" Streamline and a little bit shorter head length. Has a very slight reverse taper.

This particular head has bright iridescent white Mother of Pearl covering the insert with a silver rainbow-iridescent top and bottom wrap.