Joe Yee Paua Shell 4-Hole Lead Crackerjack 9" 5.5oz Skirted New Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in new condition with no marks or scratches - Brand-new mint condition. The lure was not purchased from Joe Yee himself but instead a very reputable Joe Yee collector who purchased it from Joe originally. Buy with 100% confidence.**

Joe Yee's Crackerjack is steady tapered 9" plunger style head that begins to taper right near the first skirt saddle and holds steady to the slanted nose. The Crackerjack is one of Joe Yee's most famous head shapes and is very highly coveted. They are perfect size to catch basically anything in the water from Mahi Mahi/Dorado to Ono/Wahoo to Ahi Tuna to Marlin and other Billfish - perfect size for any location and any desired pelagic species in that range of fish. Extremely effective lures.

This particular head has classic paua shell along the sides of the insert with a silver rainbow-iridescent wrapped bottom and purple back. This version has 4-hole jets with added lead weight. Skirted in purple with aurora and black dots along the back/silver glitter over blue.