Joe Yee Abalone Blue Back Stubby Bullet 9" 6oz Skirted New PRE-OWNED

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**This lure is in new condition with no marks or scratches - Brand-new mint condition. The lure was not purchased from Joe Yee himself but instead a very reputable Joe Yee collector who purchased it from Joe originally. Buy with 100% confidence.**

Joe Yee's 9" Stubby Bullet has a heavy lead insert with a 2" head length from the tip of the nose to the 9" sized skirt saddles. The lure shape has a single taper towards the pointed nose with fairly wide hips near the bottom of the lure face (hence the "Stubby" name).

This particular head has classic abalone shell covering the sides of the insert with a rainbow-iridescent top and bottom of the insert with a blue back and a set of small black and red Handmade Eyes. Skirted in transparent blue/purple over "electric blue".