JB Signature Lures Yellowfin Large Cruiser 12" 10.5oz Skirted

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The JB Signature Lures Cruiser is a plunger shaped head with deep front taper towards a slanted nose. The nose is fairly small because of the deep taper and has a slight scoop added to the profile. Comes in three different sizes in Small (7"), Medium (9"), and Large (12"). Catches many different species including Mahi Mahi/Dorado, various species of Tuna, Wahoo, and Marlin as well as other Billfish. 

This asymmetrical shaped and keel weighted lure is based on a modified profile of a real baitfish. With proportions somewhere between a plunger and a bullet with an angled face and a gentle scoop, this weapon has a very realistic swimming action that rips the surface when it breathes. With an ideal trolling speed of 7-10 knots in all conditions the Cruiser will still swim great up to 15 knots on those calm days. Originally designed as a long corner lure it also runs great on the riggers.

This particular head is the Large size with 12" skirt saddles. This color scheme comes in a "Yellowfin" theme with a blue back, green, yellow, and silver body. The entire lure head has a beautiful rainbow-iridescent hue to it  - Photos cannot do any of these lures justice. Skirted in blue with silver glitter/gold glitter with black stripes and a yellow lateral line over blue/chartreuse/white Mold Craft Tuff Tails.