Hula Skirts - Navy Blue #15

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Hula Skirts are fairly similar in style/design to the old Trawlite skirts that have been out of production for quite some time. They come in more rounded strands compared to strips like on rubber skirts. This is the skirt style used almost exclusively with Amaral Lures to this point.

One of the cool things about these skirts are the ability to replace individual strands rather than the entire skirt - This is also how Antonio makes his lateral lines with his skirting. 

One strip of hula skirt material can skirt multiple lures depending on the size of the lure/saddle.

Uses for these skirts:

Skirt replacements for Amaral Lures - His lures were designed specifically for this style of skirt in mind - Other skirt styles can be used but must all be glued. We recommend re-skirting all Amaral Lures with hula skirts.

Skirt material underneath vinyl - Some fishermen prefer this style of skirt to your traditional Mold Craft Tuff Tails for under vinyl due to their thinner strands and increased durability/flexibility. 

Skirt any lures - Any lure can be skirted with this material. Unlike octopus or standard rubber skirts, we recommend only gluing them on. A colorful band/tape can be put around the top of the skirt material on the top saddle like how Antonio does to his Amaral Lures for aesthetic purposes. 

Currently they come in two lengths/sizes.

10" Length - 8" Width

12" Length - 9.5" Width

Color: Navy Blue