Ganku Lures Pink Abalone Chrome Cuttlefish Short Cut Face 7" 3oz Skirted #1

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The Ganku Lures Short Cut Face is a 7" sized cut face with a similar single tapered slanted nose shape to the 9" slant but in a smaller version. This is a killer Mahi, Ahi, Wahoo, and Billfish bait - will catch just about any pelagic species, especially smaller pelagics. These lures are absolute masterpieces - true works of art that catch a lot of fish.

BOM Skirt size 302

The insert comes in what Leighton calls the new "Squid" theme with linear mirrored chrome dots over pink abalone shell covering the lead insert with a set of "Cuttlefish" eyes. Skirted in pink/clear with a bright green lateral line along the back over dark blue with burgundy glitter.