Ganku Lures "Ganku Special" Cracked Glass Long Bullet 9" 7oz Flashabou #1

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The Ganku Lures Long Bullet is more of a traditional style of bullet with a single tapered nose that starts at the skirt saddles and is slow and steady until it gets near the tip of the nose. More slender head with a longer head length than his Bombucha Bullet and with a slightly sized down 9" skirt saddle sized lure. This is a heavy head that should be able to handle practically any sea condition. Leighton makes absolutely phenomenal stuff, and these bullets are very popular and productive baits of his. This is the perfect sized bullet for Ahi/Tuna and Marlin in particular and will also catch plenty of Ono/Wahoo. These are gorgeous baits that catch your attention just as much in the water as they do in your hand.

This head pattern comes in Leighton's famous "Ganku Special" theme with a rainbow-iridescent chrome wrap covering the lead insert with mirrored glass pieces in a vertical pattern and a set of red eyes. Skirted in flashabou in pink over fluorescent yellow by our flashabou specialist Hannah Drake out of Kona, Hawaii.