Ganku Lures Fugu-Pufferfish MOP Bumbucha Bullet 9"+ 8oz Skirted

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The Ganku Lures Bullet is known as the Bumbucha and is a 9"+ (skirt saddle size) trolling lure. The Bumbucha has more of a direct angle that cuts at two spots along the head instead of having a direct taper that slowly develops a deeper angle. Comes to more of a direct point. This is a heavy head that should be able to handle practically any sea condition. Leighton makes absolutely phenomenal stuff, and these bullets are very popular and productive baits of his. This is the perfect sized bullet for Ahi/Tuna and Marlin in particular and will also catch plenty of Ono/Wahoo. These are gorgeous baits that catch your attention just as much in the water as they do in your hand.

This extremely creative insert comes in what Leighton calls the Japanese "Fugu" or Pufferfish pattern with white and smoke Mother of Pear covering the insert with black dots and holographic fleck scattered over the shell and custom eyes with a black center and a purple/blue iridescent rim. Skirted in white with black dots along the back and a pink lateral line over pink with blue glitter.