Gaji Lures Silver Rainbow Scale Blue-Yellow Back Scoop 9" 7oz Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in great condition with very little markings on the lure and no cracks but a very slight chip at the nose that will have no affect on the lure's performance - It is very hard to see. Still in great running condition.**

This lure you see here is a 9" sized Scoop Face by Gaji Lures with fairly heavy forward taper and slight reverse taper. The scoop nose doesn't have much angle to it at all.

This particular head has a silver rainbow-iridescent wrap covering the insert with a triple poured blue back, yellow stripe, and clear belly with a set of red flashy eyes with the "Gaji" label on them. Skirted in turquoise/clear with a yellow lateral line over blue/pink pearl.