Doxey Lures Amber Rainbow Scale Large Mr. Clean 12" 9.5oz New Pre-Owned

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**This lure is still in brand new mint condition. There are no marks, chips, or cracks on the lure head. Awesome very productive lure. See photos for details.**

The Mr. Clean is a longer slanted nose double tapered plunger with a fairly deep front and reverse taper. It comes in two versions - The Slant and the Cup. The standard version is a slanted nose plunger with a more traditional long plunger shape action. The cupped face has a more slanted nose (Slanted Cup) that provides a new action to traditional cup faced lures while still giving it that side to side motion without sticking to one place on the wave. Keel weighted for perfect balancing.

The Mr. Clean comes in four sizes - Small, Medium, Large, and XL.

This is the Large Slant version or 12" sized lure head for 50-80lb class tackle with a 1-1/4" shoulder diameter and a slanted nose. Best for Blue and Black Marlin. 

BOM Skirt Size 502

This head has an Amber colored resin pour with a bright and colorful rainbow-iridescent scaled wrap covering the sides of the insert with abalone shell along the top and bottom of the insert and a set of mirrored eyes. Skirted in BOM Color #200 Black Holo Glitter Aurora over #36 Gold Glitter.