Crane Lures White Rainbow Scale Cracked Glass MPP 12" 10oz Skirted

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The Crane Lures MPP (Medium Plunger Plus) is a larger version of the Medium Plunger as a 12" (skirt saddle size) version in the Plunger series - Same shape/nose angle as the Large and Medium Plungers. Excellent on Marlin and other billfish especially but will also get hit by other pelagic species. Your traditional plunger with a single taper towards the nose.

BOM Skirt Size 602

This particular head has a clear resin pour with a rainbow-iridescent scaled wrap covering the sides of the white pearl insert with cracked glass pieces scattered throughout the sides of the head. Skirted in red with black stripes along the back and a gold glittered inner over pink/clear/yellow.