Crampton Baits Black MOP Purple Back Tube 12" 5.5oz Pre-Owned

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**This lure is in great used condition - Has a definitely caught its fair share of fish with bill marks throughout the lure head but has no chips or cracks. Perfect running condition. - See photos for further details.**

Crampton Baits were handmade by legendary Captain and lure maker Scott Crampton, who gained most of his experience in Kona, Hawaii before settling in Texas a few years before his passing in early 2021. Despite being produced in limited numbers, his baits were coveted by the "Who's Who" of Marlin fishing and rarely left their spreads. Prior to his death, we helped sell his lures to fishermen all over the world. Steve was a fantastic human being and will surely be missed - Most definitely the case with us at GZ.

This batch of Cramptons came from a legendary Kona Captain - You can tell he put them to good use by the hits some of them took. They most definitely caught some big fish in their days. See the condition above for actual lure condition. We had to pay a hefty price for these gems, so that is the reason for their prices being closer to Yees. This was the first opportunity we had to bring some in since before his passing, so we didn't want to pass that one up. 

The Crampton Baits Tube is a 12" sized tube shaped lure with a beveled edge. The beveled edge allows it to perform better in rough waters. Excellent all position lure, especially for Marlin. Longer in head length than the 1/4 Tonner. 

This particular head has beautiful real black Mother of Pearl slabs over the insert with a purple back. Skirted in black vinyl over purple and black tuff tails.