Koya Lures Strawberry Pearl 4-Hole Koya Bullet 9" 5oz

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The Koya Lures 9" Koya Bullet is one of the best 9" bullets on the market. Reverse tapered (tapered on both ends of the head - towards the nose and saddles) with more of a direct cut than steady taper - hump is on the back third of the head. Allows for the lure's action to not fish straight like a standard bullet. This head comes with 4-hole jets to create that massive smoke that help create that extra little attention to pull fish in. Good weight on this head to keep the lure down in the water. Absolutely amazing bullet produced by one of the top lure makers in the world - can't go wrong here. Ahi/Tuna and Marlin are the fish most targeted by these lures but will also catch Wahoo/Ono. This is the jetted version.

This particular head has an amazing strawberry pearl insert. One of the most coveted lure colors out there. Fish love these things.