Koya Lures Blue Back Starburst Tube 9" 3oz

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The Koya Lures 9" Tube is as the name states except that it carries the punch of what you would expect from a Koya Lure. 9" skirt saddle size version. Top of the line tube bait with a very slight taper towards the nose - almost completely flat-backed with a slanted nose. These heads stick pretty close to the top of the water and swim erratic to imitate a baitfish feeding at the surface. Creates a lot of commotion that lure fish up to bite. Great on Billfish and Ahi/Tuna especially.

This particular head has the popular Starburst wrap covering the whole head from top to bottom with a bright blue back. The Starburst wrap is extremely flashy and rainbow-iridescent. Classic wrap that is a proven fish killer.