Coggin Lures Black/Red/Blue Dichro Tado 16" 23oz

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The Coggin Lures Tado is the best of them all - A straight up Grander Marlin killer. Perhaps Steve's most popular head shape, this beast is his second largest head he makes only second to the King of the Tado family in the Extreme Tado. 

These beasts are something to marvel. Massive double tapered head with a scooped nose and 4-hole jets. Extremely heavy. Can be used as a bait and switch Teaser or rigged. These lures come in both Dichro Glass & Salt & Pepper style inserts. Must be seen to be believed.

This particular head is an absolutely stunning Dichro style head with a triple resin pour with a black back, red striped line, then a clear middle and bottom. Eyes have a sparkly red rim around a black center. The iridescent dichro glass colors are in Red/Yellow/Green. Pictures do not do this head justice at all. Pure work of art. Skirted in vinyl in black over red.