Coggin Lures Yellow-Orange Salt & Pepper Copalure 45 Slant 12" 8.5oz

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The Coggin Lures Copalure 45 Slant is a medium 12" skirt saddle sized double tapered plunger. The "hump" is in the middle of the head and the taper towards the nose goes a little deeper than towards the saddles.  Perfect for Wahoo/Ono, Ahi/Tuna, and Marlin and other Billfish. This plunger is an absolute killer head made by one of the all time Legend lure makers. 

This particular head is an absolutely stunning "Salt & Pepper" style head with a yellow glittered insert and a quadruple poured yellow glittered back, orange-red stripe, and clear belly with a yellow peal bottom. Gorgeous looking lure head. Eyes have a yellow rim with silver glitter around a black center. These Salt & Pepper heads are covered in crushed shell, real shell pieces, and glitter that give off a huge flash - a lot of blue and yellow glitter scattered throughout the head. So much time and energy is put into these Salt & Pepper heads that the price more than justifies the work put into them. Pictures do not do this head justice at all. Pure work of art. Skirted in orange with black stripes/yellow over gold-yellow glitter.