Coggin Lures White Pearl Glass Pink-Blue Back Copalure 45 Slant 12" 8.5oz

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The Coggin Lures Copalure 45 Slant is a medium 12" skirt saddle sized double tapered plunger. The "hump" is in the middle of the head and the taper towards the nose goes a little deeper than towards the saddles.  Perfect for Wahoo/Ono, Ahi/Tuna, and Marlin and other Billfish. This plunger is an absolute killer head made by one of the all time Legend lure makers. 

This particular head has a clear resin pour with pearl glass slabbed inserts and a quadruple poured pink sparkly back, blue stripe, and a clear belly with a slight pink pearl bottom. These pearl glass inserts have more of an iridescent oiled look to them. Skirted in pink glitter/silver glitter over transparent blue.