Coggin Lures White MOP Transparent Blue Back 4-Hole Copalure Invert 12" 8oz

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The Coggin Lures Copalure Invert has 12" skirt saddles with a zero-angled inverted/cupped nose with 4-hole jets. Double tapered with the "hump" pretty much in the middle of the head with a deep cup. Head is very similar to the Medium Copalure Invert except that it is about twice as long - same skirt saddle size. Awesome head for Ono/Wahoo, Ahi/Tuna, and Marlin. 

This particular head has three real white Mother of Pearl slabs covering the insert with a clear belly and a transparent blue back. These real Mother of Pearl slabs are famous with their hand-cut and individually placed design. These inserts are extremely gorgeous and are much better in person than can captured on a photo. Skirted in blue glitter/silver glitter over light pink.