Coggin Lures Purple Dichro Old Style Stick Swimmer 12" 7oz

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The Coggin Lures Old Style Stick Swimmer is one of Steve's larger swimmer heads with 12" sized skirt saddles and a long but slender head with a total head length of 4". The leader tube is offset towards the bottom of the nose and gives it a more aggressive action. These swimmers are very hard to find from Steve Coggin as he rarely makes these anymore. Very hard to find gems. These are best trolled at 6-7 knots. For higher speed trolling, you will want to run the lure on your Outrigger and set it way back in your spread - The additional line weight will keep it in the water better.

BOM Skirt Size 502

This particular head has bright and colorful purple and blue colored iridescent Dichro Glass inserts cut into two separate slabs. Has a triple poured dark purple glittered back with a clear middle and a purple pearl bottom. Eyes are a custom black with a dark purple rim. The amount of color projecting off this head is truly amazing - Pictures do not do it justice. Skirted in dark purple with black stripes/silver glitter over pink-orange.